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It took a pretty significant event for Liz to realise she wasn’t really living; she was just existing. Caught up in the whirlwind of a chaotic life, she was chasing after an ideal career that wasn’t only unrealistic but made her unhappy.

When she first came to me, she was literally out of breath from running. She had come from a series of back-to-back meetings that had already made her late, and because she couldn’t find a closer parking spot, she’d had to park miles away in an expensive parking station and leg it to the café we were meeting at.

But I want to talk about our fourth meeting. We hadn’t met for about three months, as she had experienced a personal tragedy she needed to deal with. During our earlier sessions, we had talked about needing to create more breathing and living space in her world, but she was always ‘too busy’ to make it happen.

When she sat down in front of me this time, it was like I was looking at a new person!  She told me that the enforced stop had given her to an opportunity to take stock across a range of aspects of her life. She had made some decisions: to end relationships that no longer served her; to reconnect with people and things she had reluctantly let go; and to be very clear about where and how she wanted to spend her time.

‘Time has become so precious to me and there’s no way I’m wasting a second of it on anything that doesn’t bring me joy and meaning.’

Not only that, she had done a massive clean-out of her home. She’d just had too much stuff, and junk that had accumulated over years. Moving it out was ‘very cathartic’!

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